Shooters World Blackout Smokeless Powder 1 Lb By Lovex


Shooters World Blackout Smokeless Powder 1 Lb By Lovex Overview

Please take note that in the United States, Lovex propellants are imported and distributed by Shooters World LLC. Information on reloading has been produced using both European CIP and American SAAMI standards. Despite their differences, both groups agree that they can assess pressures and speeds with mutual safety. To ensure safe loading of Shooters World propellants, only use information provided by Shooters World LLC or Lovex. All comparisons to other propellants are made for the sake of demonstrating relative burn rates and have no bearing on individual preparations.


Shooters World Blackout Smokeless Powder is a fast-burning, clean-burning powder. The muzzle flash signature of Blackout Smokeless Powder is low. Blackout is ideal for 223, 300 Blackout subsonic, 30-30, and some magnum handgun applications.

Specs and Features:

-Rapid rate of rifle burn
-Excellent for 300 Blackout, lightweight, and 30-30.
-The 223 REM loads
-Cycles well with semi-auto subsonic weapons
-A suppressed flash
-Suitable for heavy magnum handguns
-Consistently measures to 0.1 grain
-Outstanding for progressive loading machines
-Tidy burning

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