Shooters World Blackout Smokeless Powder 1 Lb By Lovex


Shooters World Blackout Smokeless Powder 1 Lb By Lovex Overview

NOTE* Shooters World LLC imports, distributes and supports Lovex propellants in the United States. Reloading data has been generated both with European CIP and American SAAMI methods. Both organizations recognize mutual safety in the assessment of pressures and velocities, despite their different methods. When loading with Shooters World propellants, please utilize only data published by Shooters World LLC or Lovex. Comparisons to other propellants are meant strictly to convey relative burn rates, and have no bearing upon specific recipes.


Shooters World Blackout Smokeless Powder is a clean burning fast-rifle powder. Blackout Smokeless Powder has a low muzzle flash signature. Blackout is a great choice for 223, 300 Blackout subsonic, 30-30 as well as some magnum handgun applications.

Specifications and Features:

  • Fast rifle burn rate
  • Great for 300 Blackout, 30-30 and lightweight .223 REM loads
  • Cycles subsonic semi-auto AR’s well
  • Flash suppressed
  • Can be used in heavy magnum handgun
  • Meters consistently to 0.1 grain
  • Great for progressive loading machines
  • Clean burning

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