Shooters World 50 BMG Smokeless Powder 1 Lb By Lovex


Shooters World 50 BMG Smokeless Powder 1 Lb By Lovex Overview

Please take note that in the United States, Lovex propellants are imported and distributed by Shooters World LLC. Information on reloading has been produced using both European CIP and American SAAMI standards. Despite their differences, both groups agree that they can assess pressures and speeds with mutual safety. To ensure safe loading of Shooters World propellants, only use information provided by Shooters World LLC or Lovex. All comparisons to other propellants are made for the sake of demonstrating relative burn rates and have no bearing on individual preparations. If you click on the links below, you can access all of our current information regarding reloading., highlighted in RED.

Reloading Data can be found HERE
For additional reloading information from Shooters World by Lovex, please follow this link:Shooters World by Lovex RELOADING DATA
For additional reloading information from Lovex, please follow this link: Lovex RELOADING DATA

Keep in mind*Any propellant and load combination can have drastically different ballistic performance if even a single component of the test load is altered. An increase in pressure may result from this change, which could be harmful or even fatal. Thus, neither Shooters World LLC nor the propellant’s original manufacturer will be held liable for any damages resulting from the product’s misuse, whether intentional or not. The listed charge weights and outcomes should not be used as a baseline or final load. They are displayed only to serve as a guide to possible performance in one test load, fired in accordance with CIP standards.

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