Accurate No. 9 Smokeless Powder (8 Lbs)


Accurate No. 9 Smokeless Powder 8 Lbs Overview

When it comes to powders, Accurate Powders is as reliable as its name suggests. All of our smokeless powders for pistols, rifles, and shotguns have been designed and tested in the lab to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency. When you use Accurate Powders, you can rest assured that your firearm will perform better because the company employs only the most skilled ballistic technicians and uses only the finest materials.

There are many different handgun calibers that can use Accurate No. 9’s spherical, double-base handgun powder. Short barrel, concealed carry applications benefit from the No. 9’s low recoil and low flash. Low charge weights and the fact that No. 9 is not sensitive to orientation make it a practical and cost-effective option for shooters who regularly use handguns.