Accurate NO. 4100 Smokeless Powder (1 Lb)


Accurate NO. 4100 Smokeless Powder 1 Lb Overview

When it comes to powders, Accurate Powders is as reliable as its name suggests. All of our smokeless powders for pistols, rifles, and shotguns have been rigorously tested in the lab to ensure the highest level of accuracy and performance. To ensure that every firearm is improved by using Accurate Powders, the company employs top-tier ballistics experts and uses only the finest materials.

The Accurate 4100 Powder In Stock Now For Sale is a slower variant of the AA2230 powder, which is a fast-burning, double-base, spherical rifle powder. Accurate 2460 powder, like AA2230, can be used in applications involving small and medium-sized calibers, albeit with slightly higher loading densities. In addition to the 223 Remington, 308 Winchester, and 30-06 Springfield, it gives shooters another choice for fine-tuning and optimizing loads and combinations with these and other calibers and light bullets. The number 2460 is acceptable for M14 systems.